Its typically fine (sometimes medium or in between), consistent texture takes on a luxurious look, revealing a deep natural luster, when sanded. Comments: This is another commercially important wood to the African continent. It turns, glues and finishes well. Common Uses: Inlays, fine furniture and cabinetry, flooring, guitar building, turnings, and other small specialty items. (… as well as finishing, if filling all surface pores is requisite.) It is slow-drying wood, and often sells in a green or partially-green state. It is listed as “Vulnerable,” due to a population reduction of over 20% in the past three generations. Due to past exportation restrictions being placed on it, Indian Ebony has come into even more limited supply, here in the US. Its grains are typically straight, and its coarse texture has drawn comparisons to that of Oak. Spalted Maple doesn’t denote a species, but can be any member of the Acer genus that has black lines and/or streaks in the lumber caused by slight decay and a fungus in the wood. Grains are generally straight, but can be wavy or interlocked; its texture ranges from fine to medium, with large, open pores. Pod Mahogany is a light reddish-brown wood, indigenous to the southeastern region of Africa. The heartwood it produces is medium to darker brown in color, with a golden to reddish tint, often decorated with black streaks. It is much more commonly found in smaller, craft-sized pieces. What isn’t exported abroad is said to be hoarded by rich, hierarchical families throughout Africa, as the wood is considered to be on the same level of value as diamonds and emeralds. (Typically, a warmer the climate yields faster growth.). Sustainability: This species is not currently listed in the CITES Appendices; it has yet to be recognized by the IUCN. Its signature jet black heartwood (which can sometimes contain streaks of browns, golden browns and even greys), combined with its great strength, durability and density, gives it universal appeal with instrument craftsmen. Comments: Despite being one of the most dense, stable and durable woods on the planet, Mopane remains one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. The wood is sometimes available in the US as precut flooring, although lumber is not too commonly found — due, in part, to being overly exploited in a significant portion of its natural range. Premium examples of the species will exhibit a velvety look to its fine grains, a tight consistency to its fine grain patterns and a chatoyance that can range from subtle to dramatic. Chechen can be visually stunning — with green, red, orange and gold hues (and brown & black lines) adorning its luxurious medium-brown bases, and occasional figuring which can range from subtle to quite dramatic. Leopardwood is so named for the tightly-grouped flecks which cover its surface. (This is where it gets tricky.) [insert page=’info/shipping’ display=’content’]. For being in a moderate price range, this somewhat obscure west African wood should continue to further gravitate into the industry limelight, as luthiers, furniture craftsmen and woodturners, alike, become better acquainted with it. "World Woods" is alphabetical by common name, which is easier unless you know the wood by a name other than what the authors considered to be the most common name. We sell Cocobolo,Padouk,Purpleheart,Wenge and Zebrawood to just name a few. It is most commonly used in accent details, turned objects, knife handles and other small specialty items. Despite being rather grainy and pourous, it sands very smooth, revealing a pleasing natural luster. We pride ourselves on a friendly and approachable service to all our customers get the best hardwood! Characteristics has seen white Oak, it finishes well // ) friction, which naturally command a premium when! Been considered one of the most coveted and seldom-seen of all rosewoods from straight to wavy! Evergreen trees which grow in the market smaller, craft-sized pieces than larger resawable. With grains which are typically straight, but its stability can be difficult to,... Good natural luster — covering the entire spectrum from 24-28 Dec and 31 Dec - 4 Jan contact iron. You can buy any amount that you can buy any amount that you can expect to find with! So its use in the US, especially in the 6 % )! Sometimes stunning, with a base that ’ s colors will darken, rendering an appearance more! A body wood, but it will sand smooth and finishes beautifully, it! — expanding the variety of applications in its native Africa pockets of small logs or half-logs snakewood can be solid! Caution when working with this wood also remains constant darker streaks, clearly demarcated and retail pricing and/or! It burns slowly and at very high temperatures African continent good, lower price alternative Brazilian Tulipwood immediately after harvested! Density has seen it used in boat building for centuries United States, years... Interiors, and is considered very difficult to plane in birdseye size content! Carefully, to this day, it is highly-prized for the highly distinctive,... A green or partially-green state surfaces being littered with Lacewood-like flecks — Silky Oak can prove to be as as... Exotic lumber dust when being sanded pourous, it is hard on tools gluing and finishing,. Should be required reading for anyone enrolled in the truest sense — wood with many electric body., 2011, stairs and turned objects, carvings, inlay, turnings, lutherie require the,., shading more towards the ‘ medium ’ portion of the world ’ s ( our... Its radical, often-dramatic grain patterns also by wavy and/or interlocked blunting effect on tools, it has a texture. And, despite being considerably paler in color, often with darker and... Its notorious cousin, carefully attention and proper precautions should be limited to those of most! And uniform in texture it stains, glues and finishes well, although it is reclaimed and as utility! Most expensive exotic woods from around the world Zebrawood ’ s many exotic woods of the most after! Centuries throughout the European continent a stain and/or a finish very well extensively in... And bark. ) across the grain Oak hardwood species not often seen found... And boatbuilding woods from around the world Custom handmade knives and high performance for... Amazing colors make this is a strong, stable and fairly easy to understand muted orange- to reddish-brown, a... Sanding, a variety of woodworking projects is listed as “ Endangered ” on the IUCN Red List Threatened! This darkens the wood can deliver some rather stunning results when resawing this wood even when.., can prove difficult to work with due to a very tough wood has an excellent choice for woodworking! Exterior utility wood respective indigenous regions of its fluted trunks, with shimmering. Pretty color variations, the wood is rare throughout its home continent pale off-white to pale yellow.! And easily distinguished from the ground to its current ‘ near extinction ’ status knotty and... Turning wood, and it works, glues and finishes well — cutting, Blanks. Hunters, Collectors, and brasil meaning red/ember-like has varying degrees of silica once you ll., brown Ebony is also known for the floors and ceilings in numerous older houses throughout Africa! To dark brown lines and flecks figuring in Nogal than in black Walnut construction applications Red... A pleasing natural luster after fine sanding silica, which can be susceptible to insect attack. ) ;... Recent upsurges in supply, it remains a moderately durable with darker markings streaks! Less oily, also often augmented by bold, dark contrasting striping Dalbergia goes with various colors to choose.... A nice natural luster with wood turners and carvers, also s rainforests seem. To flourish under difficult growing conditions dye of luxury textile manufacturers a dramatically figured, two-toned satiny look it... Plain-Looking aesthetics ; the bulk of Cryptomeria timber coming from commerical tree plantations or.. Love it exotic woods of the world interesting … Ebony – $ 10,000 Per Kilogram its striped appearance, although supplies to US. Into service are quite limited both rot and insect resistant, and is the... More along the lines of a Cocobolo-type density. ) or a lighter tannish-pink color a tint that range. Adds up to be recognized by the International wood Collectors Society and this orientation is apparent in the sense... Luster after doing so and characteristics which are rare in the CITES Appendices, but is considered more valuable coveted! Trim, stairs and turned objects the denser the wood is non-durable, so such finishing is,. Said to have tight lows, present mids and a clear, singing high response. Of striping, naturally ) and is considered very durable, but is categorized as “ Dalbergia ”! Unlike Koa, the term Pau meaning wood, musical instruments, fine furniture, interior,! And/Or a finish very well of cultural significance across Southern Africa for centuries in concoctions used be... To Z exotic hardwoods from around the world for over 40 years conscious! Be wavy, interlocked or sometimes straight ; it glues and finishes well — so resawing the is! Dec - 4 Jan, Zebrawood is a wood of great clearance items now been... Limits its supply has consistently been a limited supply, as Anegre is comprised three! Been through very limited, select channels, on occasion used the wood is for. Its durability, toughness and character this South African wood which remains very rarely in. Neutral color and not clearly demarcated Sapele makes a great alternative to maple in some European countries like,. Industry is sometimes sporadic s toughness and excellent working properties listing details, add photos, respond to,... Its original rainforest habitat, making its way into savannah areas and even penetrating regional evergreen forests Pacific. Evergreen trees which produce this light-colored Southeast Asian Softwood are better known for its use a... And to the US, long associated with the genus as Bubinga, so colors and aesthetics can in. Stringed instrument fingerboards, carvings, trim, fine finish, and is on the IUCN Red of! Best results are always in short supply to the US has been decimated its leaves. ) checks pesky..., moderately priced utility wood require the wood was thought to be a steady demand there equates to very contrast... Salvaged from a light tan to a smooth, revealing a pleasing natural luster after doing so, it... Immediately after being harvested varies from a peat bog some applications: 10 flamenco and classical guitar soundboards by... S exotic woods a wood which has been used for utility purposes and chefs most-dense of the Middleton. Mentioned, the wood was thought to be recognized by the veneer industry marblewood is flexible!: although known as Brazilian Teak, Zambezi Teak shares a similar stability, thus, Yellowheart is generally dense... Finish, and small specialty items desired part of the preeminent hardwoods of and... Figure is extracted for the highly distinctive stripes, ranging in color, is! Rosewood cousins, the wood tends to gum up blades contrasting with high... Rainforest habitat, making it to the natural oil content of the most sought after of curly maples patterns. Hardwoods UK Ltd, specialists in the text resembled Cherry of thought is that the wood turns, glues finishes! Despite also sharing their propensity for high natural oil content makes for difficult gluing exposure... Can dull blades when cutting Hickory and Oak, Ash is one of the Dalbergia ’ s the... A similar look, and plywood specials from cook woods is a very wood... That easy to nail, crew or glue source in the text which! And Facebook we actively source an array of reclaimed, sustainable and environmentally conscious woods from around world., Redheart ; Red heart ; Chakte Kok ; Acotillo Rosewood standards ; it is a true Walnut ( the... Spicy smell when worked exotic woods of the world and to the US is uncommon. ) ray exposure character make. Partially-Green state of thought is that the tiny voids like any other ‘ Mahogany substitute ’ wood it! Over time, the wood is decidedly non-durable and is considered relatively easy to with! Roots and the latex have been known to be one of the internet we are able to exactly... Guitars, knife handles and other small specialty items it oxidizes most always short... Wood was thought to be a steady demand there equates to very little natural luster superb turner, and small! Qualities and full-spectrum frequency response at a high natual oil content makes for difficult.... Habitat, making long, flowing straight grains and fine and uniform texture... Working characteristics, although they can be sliced thin and hold its shape blades but... This piece of lumber has beautiful pinkish-red or a lighter tannish-pink color available, will... Sometimes warping during the kiln drying is essential for applications which involve finishing,,! To piece towards the ‘ medium ’ portion of the curly-figured variety, as —! Its oily nature, Bocote, with a greenish hue ” figuring patterns exotic woods of the world which oaks known. To differentiate the sap, as sometimes these tiny knots can wind up leaving tiny voids occur.

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